Is NMIXX being abandoned by Park Jin Young? Severe lack of interaction

Netizens are raising questions about Park Jin Young’s (also known as J.Y.Park) lack of interaction with girl group NMIXX. 

Despite debuting under JYP Entertainment and expected to continue the company’s glorious tracks when it comes to girl groups, NMIXX is said to be falling behind. Now, fans and netizens are showing worries that the group is being ignored by Park Jin Young.

park jin young nmixx
NMIXX is being ignored by Park Jin Young and JYP?

Park Jin Young has always shown close interaction with senior girl groups from the company, such as Wonder Girls, MissA, and TWICE. However, the founder of JYP Entertainment seems distant from NMIXX, despite covering NewJeans’ songs and dancing with IVE Wonyoung and LE SSERAFIM

park jin young twice itzy
Park Jin Young is considered genius when it comes to girl groups
park jin young wonyoung le sserafim
The founder of JYP Entertainment recently showed close interaction with IVE Jang Wonyoung and LE SSERAFIM 
Unlike senior girl groups like TWICE and Wonder Girls, NMIXX never has interaction with Park Jin Young 

Regarding this, many people speculated that since NMIXX is formed under SQU4D, a department of JYP, and not directly by Park Jin Young himself, he isn’t as attentive. However, some others believe that this has always been the case with JYP, and Park Jin Young will show attention in due time. 

NMIXX is facing intense competition with various outstanding 4th girl groups 

There’s no denying the insane talent of NMIXX, and members of the group may even be considered “all-rounders” with their vocal and performance abilities. However, their achievements have so far not matched their skills. 

NMIXX boasts an “all-rounder” lineup
nmixx sullyoon lily
Lily and Sullyoon are considered a top vocalist and visual of Kpop 4th generation, respectively

From “O.O” to “DICE”, NMIXX’s songs are considered too hard-hitting for the public, and their tough choreographies struggle to go viral. Following an experimental genre of music, NMIXX has a unique, but not public-friendly color. In addition, they also faced plagiarism accusations upon debut due to the company’s mistakes. 

NMIXX’s music is not public friendly
nmixx copy
The girl group faced plagiarism accusations upon debut 
All these elements lead to NMIXX’s achievement being under expectations

Compared to other 4th gen girl groups from big companies, such as aespa, LE SSERAFIM, and NewJeans, NMIXX is struggling to find a stable footing. Even against IVE and (G)I-DLE, who are from middle-sized labels, the group’s music does not receive as much recognition. 

le sserafim newjeans
Despite debuting in the same year as NewJeans and LE SSERAFIM, NMIXX is struggling to find a stable footing
The group is falling behind in the intense 4th gen girl group battle

With visuals, vocals, and talent all combined, yet the treatment NMIXX is receiving from JYP is hindering the group’s popularity. Hopefully, NMIXX will soon be able to grow to their full potential. 

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