Lee Jong Suk’s real life visuals shocked fans, but is the actor as handsome as on camera?

Lee Jong Suk always looks like a true visual king on K-dramas, but what about when the camera is off? 

Lee Jong Suk on the set of “Big Mouth”

The upcoming K-drama “Big Mouth”, which stars the famous Lee Jong Suk and Im Yoona, has recently finished filming. As a result, behind photos of the final day are being spreaded across the net, with some featuring the lead actor himself. 

Lee Jong Suk’s visuals on the set of “Big Mouth” is as outstanding as ever. 

In photos taken alongside the production staff, Lee Jong Suk is still as handsome as ever. The actors’ visuals shine through even on photos taken naturally from far away, where Jong Suk doesn’t know he’s being snapped. 

What’s to expect from “Big Mouth”

“Big Mouth” is a law K-drama that revolves around Park Chang Ho, a lawyer whose winning rate has hit rock-bottom. Despite being a smooth-talker, Chang Ho never wins any cases, and his savings are next to none. He even has to hire his own father-in-law as assistant, and worse, is unable to pay the salary. The result is the nickname “Big Mouth”, suitable for someone who talks big but can never achieve anything. 

Yoona and Lee Jong Suk will be co-stars in “Big Mouth”.

However, Chang Ho’s life soon takes a drastic turn as he gets involved in a murder case. To protect his family, the lawyer has no choice but to reveal the truth and infringe upon some really powerful figures. 

Here, Yoona will be Lee Jong Suk’s wife Go Mi Ho, who, in contrast to her husband, is both wise and brave. 

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