Seo Yeji continues to catch up in another rumor…

Many people believe that Seo Yeji is a female star who regularly controls her famous boyfriends in previous rumors.

This morning (April 12), Dispatch revealed that Seo Ye Ji is Kim Jung Hyun’s ex-girlfriend, who strictly forbidden the actor from intimate contact with his co-stars, making Seohyun (SNSD) cry many times. The over-control of Seo Ye Ji suddenly became a hot topic on social networks. By the way, an old anonymous rumor was published by Newsen in 2020 about a female star, who is a controller, suddenly brought back by people. Many people believe that the female star can control a series of famous boyfriends in this rumor is Seo Ye Ji.

seo yeji

In the article of Newsen, this female star, abbreviated as G, is famous in showbiz with the ability to dominate her boyfriend both mentally and physically. The rumor also revealed that since his debut, G has only dated famous male stars in the industry.

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This rumor revealed a series of details about G.’s ability to dominate others. There was a male star named H who rushed in the middle of the road, going to G’s company after getting dumped by her. Although they broke up, when he heard that G was losing weight, H rushed to follow her. Not only that, there was a handsome male star who tried to commit suicide after breaking up with this actress.

Currently, G has a new lover. G’s boyfriend is close to a top star named J. What surprised everyone the most was that not only her boyfriend but even J was dominated by G. At first glance, everyone thought that G and J were dating, not that boyfriend.

This anonymous rumor has quickly received the attention of many netizens. Most people are curious about how G could control her boyfriends so easily. Netizens are also extremely curious about this girl’s identity. And with the matching details, the netizen suspects G is Seo Ye Ji.

seo yeji

Regarding Seo Ye Ji’s controversy today, the agency has yet to give a clear explanation but announced that she will still participate in the premiere of the new movie “Recalled” on April 13.

Source: K14, Newsen

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