Jang Geun-suk returns with new drama “Chronicles of Crime”… “I waited four and a half years to meet this work”

Actor Jang Geun-suk will return with a drama after 4 years. He chose a crime thriller series as his new work after “Switch” (2018).

Craft42 Ent announced on Sep 8th,Jang Geun-suk was cast in Coupang Play’s ‘Chronicles of Crime’ and started filming.”

“Chronicles of Crime” is a crime thriller drama. It delves into past unsolved cases through heinous current ones. In particular, it is interesting that it deals with three cases while penetrating three time zones.

Jang Geun-suk

Jang Geun-suk transforms into homicide detective “Goo Do-han”. Do-han is a character with righteousness. He entered the Violent Crime Section through a lawyer special employment.

Jang Geun-suk said, “I waited four and a half years to meet this work. It’s a more exciting and tense moment than ever.”

jang geun suk instagram

He added, “I’ll do my best to create a character that can mark a milestone in my life.”

He also conveyed his best regards for Chuseok, “It’s Chuseok soon, so I hope you have a warm time with your family during the holidays. Please pay a lot of attention to ‘Chronicles of Crime’.”

jang geun suk instagram

“Chronicles of Crime” is directed by Kim Hong-sun. He made hits such as “Voice”, “The Guest” and “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area”.

Meanwhile, Jang Geun-suk has been busy recently with the release of his single album “Beautiful” in Japan.

Source: dispatch

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