Actor Lee Sang-bo, who was wrongly accused of being a drug addict: “I don’t have a family to spend the holidays with”

Actor Lee Sang-bo, who denied the allegation of drug use, directly expressed his feelings on his Instagram.

On Sep 14th, Lee Sang-bo posted on his SNS Instagram, “I sincerely apologize for unintentionally causing concern during the holiday, when everyone should be happy.”


On that day, I couldn’t control my mind even with the medicine I had been taking for a long time, so I started drinking alcohol, which was the beginning of this unfortunate incident,” said Lee. “I don’t have a family to spend the holidays with. Over the past few years, I have left my family one by one, I have become more dependent on drugs, and without sedatives, I become a weak human being who cannot help but become depressed.”

Lee Sang-bo continued, “But I tried not to live a life that would be embarrassing for my family, who would be watching me somewhere.”

“I never did drugs. The stigma of being a drug addict actor is very difficult to bear even as a normal human being before being an actor,” he said.

He continued, “I will faithfully do my part in the police investigation in the future and take strong measures against groundless false facts. Once again, I apologize for causing such trouble.”

Earlier, on the day of Chuseok on Sep 10th, the news that a ‘male actor in his 40s’ was arrested by the police on charges of drug use drew attention to the actor’s identity. As Lee Sang-bo is promoting alone without a management agency, speculative reports continued throughout the holidays.

In an interview with YTN on Sep 12th, Lee Sang-bo shared that his father passed away in 2009 and his sister and mother also died in an accident. He denied the drug use allegation, arguing that it was due to the small amount of narcotic ingredients contained in his antidepressant pills.

In fact, after taking a look at the hospital medical certificate that actor Lee provided to YTN, it was recorded that he had increased his intake of antidepressants and tranquilizers.

Lee Sang-bo made his debut in the 2006 KBS2 drama ‘Choi Jang-soo, The Invisible Man’. He has recently been loved for his unique acting in KBS2 drama ‘Miss Monte Cristo’.

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