“I was unfairly imprisoned and painted to be a drug addict”, this Korean actor cleared his name with a negative drug test

Actor Lee Sang Bo, who claimed his depression treatment was turned into illegal drugs by the media, proved his innocence.

Actor Lee Sang Bo, who was previously accused of using illegal drugs by various Korean media, has received a negative result for his drug test, which was conducted at Hanyang University Hospital on September 10th at the request of the police.

According to Lee Sang Bo’s medical records at Hanyang University Hospital, the actor’s narcotics test showed a negative result, while his urine test was also judged to be “not abnormal”. 

In addition, psychiatric consultation records also revealed that Lee Sang Bo began taking drugs a month ago due to symptoms of depression and anxiety, which the actor suffered from after the death of his sister, father, and mother. 

Lee Sang-bo

Apparently, Lee Sang Bo took one dose of the prescribed medicine on the day of his hospital visit and later stumbled while climbing a hill road on his way to a supermarket. His body suddenly lost strength and staggered, and an eyewitness who saw this reported him to the police. 

In response, Hanyang University Hospital stated, “It was estimated that the drug and psychotropic drugs were misused from the outside (investigation agency), but it would be difficult to determine whether drugs were taken due to certain abnormalities”. Hanyang University Hospital judged actor Lee Sang-bo’s urine test result to be “not abnormal”

Lee Sang-bo

Meanwhile, Lee Sang Bo also appealed that he was unfairly imprisoned at the time of his emergency arrest. “I finished the test at Hanyang University Hospital and even though I was able to see the results on the same day, they locked me up again in the detention center. I couldn’t contact my acquaintances, and suddenly the media painted me as a drug addict,” the actor said.

He also explained that while there is CCTV footage of him staggering, it is not due to drugs or alcohol. Instead, he was just wearing slippers at the time and so tripped on a sidewalk block.

Lee Sang Bo also expressed his resentment towards the injustice he received, saying, “No matter how much I told the investigator, ‘I didn’t do drugs,’ he did not believe it and I had to undergo an unfair investigation. As the results come out, I will faithfully undergo the remaining police investigation and consider it as a legal response.”

Finally, the actor concluded, “Even if the investigation relieves the injustice, I’m afraid it will interfere with my upcoming casting opportunities due to severe image damage as an actor. I’ve only been taking medicines steadily for the sadness of losing my family, but I’m sorry to show this to the public. I really want you to give me a chance to repay me with acting.”

He continued, “Even if the injustice is relieved as a result of the investigation, I am afraid that my image as an actor will be seriously damaged and will interfere with the casting that is going on in the future. I only want him to give me a chance to repay him with his acting.”

Source: Daum

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