Lisa broke the record with higher pre-order album sales than BLACKPINK, but her teaser views couldn’t surpass Rosé’s!

Let’s take a look at the latest updates on Lisa’s hot solo debut!

Lisa’s (BLACKPINK) solo debut is receiving huge attention in recent days. Lisa’s first solo single album, called LALISA, has been set to be released on September 10.


Lisa’s album LALISA officially opened for pre-order on August 26. After exactly 2 days, the album has officially reached 150,000 pre-order copies on the retail website Ktown4u, making Lisa the fastest female Kpop artist to reach this milestone.


Earlier, by 2 pm on August 27, the single album “LALISA” hit 96,844 pre-orders. This means the maknae has surpassed her group member Rosé and BLACKPINK’s achievement to become the female artist who sold the most albums on Ktown4u in the first 24 hours.

However, compared to the first teaser of Rosé’s solo debut with the b-side track “GONE”, BLACKPINK’s maknae is currently far behind in terms of views. Rosé’s teaser used to set a record among Kpop female artists with 14.1 million views within the first 24 hours. Rosé alone even broke BLACKPINK’s record with Ice Cream (13.2 million views).

However, this is not the official teaser of Lisa’s MV, so let’s anticipate more amazing numbers in the near future.


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