aespa Karina boasts a doll-like beauty on aespa’s official comeback with “MY WORLD”

All eyes are on aespa Karina on aepsa’s long-awaited comeback.

On May 8th, aespa made their official comeback with the new mini-album “MY WORLD” and an MV for the title track “Spicy”. The SM girl group attended an album release showcase to answer interview questions and performed their new song.

At the event, Karina appeared with blonde hair and a Barbie-like image. Four members followed a sporty fashion.

aespa returned to K-pop with a new EP after a long period of absence
Karina stood out with blonde hair and a doll-like beauty

The female idol showed off her physique in athletic clothing

aespa Winter’s sweet image is said to resemble her senior, Girls’ Generation Taeyeon
aespa Ningning flaunted a new and improved physique and blooming visual
Ningning captivated attention with an innocent charm
Giselle showed off confidence in comfortable clothing
The idol boasted a natural look with light makeup

Source: K14

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