Jung Hae-in, a top star taking the subway, where did he take his check-in photo at Seoul Line 1?

Actor Jung Hae-in (34) shared his daily life moments on the subway.

Jung Hae-in posted several photos on his Instagram story on May 8th.


In the photos, Jung Hae-in met actors Jang In-seop and Kim Min-kyu and spent time at a BB gun shooting range. They seem to have gone out together to watch the play “Invisible Hand” starring Jang In-seop at the Art One Theater in Daehak-ro, Seoul.

In particular, among the uploaded photos, there is a photo Jung Hae-in took at the platform of Daebang Station on Seoul Subway Line 1, drawing attention.


Jung Hae-in, Jang In-seop, and Kim Min-kyu appeared together in the JTBC drama “Snowdrop,” which aired last December. Jung Hae-in is set to begin the filming for season 2 of Netflix’s original “D.P.”

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