Kim Ji Won’s new K-drama  “My Liberation Notes” saw sharp ratings increase: a success in the making? 

While the viewership ratings of “My Liberation Notes” rarely decrease, its recent strong rise was quite remarkable.

The K-drama “My Liberation Notes”, which starred Kim Ji Won and Son Seok Koo, has been through half of its ride. With a slow pace and a rather uneventful story, the series was not exactly viral, but boasted great quality and stable ratings. 

After 9 episodes with viewerships ranging around 2-3%, episode 10 of the drama finally recorded a notable climb, going from 3.6% to 4.6%. Compared to hit dramas, this is by no means an outstanding number, but to “My Liberation Notes”, it was special nevertheless. 

In the newest episode, the main coupe Mi Jeong (played by Kim Ji Won) and Mr. Gu (played by Son Seok Koo) were getting closer than ever, with the male lead subtly showing his feelings via gentle yet thoughtful gestures. In addition, the real story of Mr. Gu was also coming to light. 

My Liberation Notes
My Liberation Notes

 “My Liberation Notes” airs every Saturday and Sunday on JTBC. 


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