New photos of actor Kim Seon-ho, who stayed quiet for a long time, draw explosive reactions from fans

The latest update on actor Kim Seon-ho, who has just resumed activities after overcoming his private life controversy, is attracting keen attention.

On May 9th, two photos were posted on Kim Seon-ho’s official Instagram account run by his agency Salt Entertainment along with the caption “Seon-ho’s photo. Happy Seonho day”. 


The released photos show Kim Seon-ho standing on a terrace looking at the sea. 

The actor was wearing a white T-shirt, shorts, and a mask. He caught the eyes of netizens with his solid physique with wide shoulders.

Kim Seon-ho’s superior body proportion in the full-length photo drew admiration. He gave off a warm atmosphere just by showing his back alone.


In the caption, Kim Seon-ho’s agency wrote, “Have a nice day and week”, delivering a message to fans.

Immediately after the photos were released, fans expressed their welcome and gave enthusiastic responses. They commented, “OMG. Thank you so much”, “Long time no see. Thank you for coming back”, “I missed you a lot”, “Please upload his front side tomorrow”, “Please post more photos”, etc.


Earlier, Kim Seon-ho made headlines as he delivered his greeting through his SNS and fancafe in celebration of his birthday. The actor said, “I will cherish each and every precious heart of those who support me and become a better person as well as a better actor”, adding, “I promise that you won’t have to wait for too long”.


Meanwhile, Kim Seon-ho was embroiled in controversy over his private life due to the revelation of his ex-girlfriend A in October last year. However, the public began to show a friendly attitude towards Kim Seon-ho after the contents of his Kakaotalk’s conversations with his ex-girlfriend were revealed. Kim Seon-ho is scheduled to make a comeback through the movie “Sad Tropical”, which is currently being filmed.

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