Kim Seon-ho confesses his sincere feelings on fancafe… “A day felt as long as a month and even a year and I couldn’t calm down”

Actor Kim Seon-ho expressed his feelings for the first time since his private life controversy.

On May 7th, Kim Seon-ho made a long post on his fancafe “Seonhohada”, saying, “There were times when I couldn’t get over my emotions”.

He also wrote on his SNS, “I’m so sorry for making everyone suffer a hard time due to my insufficiency. I will be an actor who can always remember your precious hearts and repay your support.” It was Kim Seon-ho’s first SNS activity after the controversy over his private life.

Prior to the SNS post, Kim Seon-ho expressed his feelings in more detail through his fanclub site. The actor shared, “Summer has already come. Time flies so fast”, adding, “Wondering whether it’s too late or how to start, I’m really nervous and worried”. 

Regarding the painful time he suffered due to the private life controversy, Kim Seon-ho confessed, “There were times when time seemed to have stopped and a day felt as long as a month and even a year. There were also times when I found it hard to calm down because of my heavy emotions while trying to catch up with the time that was ahead of my mind”.

He continued, “However, I think many of you also suffered the same because of me. I’m really sorry and I want to apologize for making you suffer such a hard time due to my insufficiency”, adding, “Isn’t it hard to recover when your heart has already hurt once? I feel so sorry that I left a scar that is hard to heal in the hearts of people who have supported me”.

Kim Seon-ho, who conveyed his feelings to the fans on his birthday, said, “Thanks to you, my time is slowly coming back. I am cautious and hesitant because I do not know what this article will mean to you, but I hope that the time of everyone who supports me will pass neither too slowly nor too quickly.”

Kim Seon-ho

Kim Seon-ho also said, “I will try to become a better actor and person by deeply cherishing the precious hearts of those who support me in Korea and overseas. I will do it,” and promised a quick return, saying, “Thank you for being with me, and I will make sure you don’t have to wait too long.”

Last year, Kim Seon-ho was embroiled in controversy over allegations related to his ex-girlfriend. After that, he left KBS2’s variety show ‘2 Days 1 Night Season 4’, where he still appeared regularly, and all of his activities were halted. Although he dropped out of most of the works he had scheduled to appear in, he decided to continue his appearance without change after discussing with the director and production company for the movie ‘Sad Tropical (Director Park Hoon-jung)’, and is currently filming in Jeju Island and Thailand.

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