This must be the TWICE member with the best body proportions

Whenever she wears tight clothes, this female idol makes netizens admire because her body is so impressive.

When it comes to the popular visuals in TWICE, many people often think of Tzuyu or Mina, Sana. However, in fact, there is another member who also has an impressive physique that few people know about, that is Dahyun. Dahyun has an attractive and desirable S-shaped body.

Recently, while attending an event with Momo and Mina, Dahyun made netizens admire her super cool hourglass body.


Attending this event, the stylist chose for all 3 girls short skirts or shorts to show off their slim legs. Dahyun immediately attracted attention when wearing a shirt with a stylized, tight waist design. And it is also thanks to this item that her body becomes more attractive. Her body curves are fully flaunted, attracting attention.


This is not the first time Dahyun has drawn attention to her S-shaped body. She has already shown her top-notch body on several occasions. Dahyun’s body is so stunning that people would fall in love with her exceptionally small waist even when she wears a simple dress.


Possessing a small and lovely face but Dahyun also has a charming body.

Dahyun has a perfect body, and often wears crop tops, and tight skirts so she can thoroughly show off her impressive body proportions.


When wearing one-piece dresses, Dahyun brings a mature and luxurious image. The perfect body proportion also helps Dahyun look taller than the actual height of 1m61.

Understanding the advantages of female idols, stylists often choose for her clothes that can help her show off her small waist.


In addition to the advantage of a small waist, Dahyun also has an impressive hip. This is both a natural advantage and a result of hard work. When wearing crop tops with high-waisted skirts, Dahyun looks as beautiful as a barbie.


She can also wear mini-shorts well because of her gorgeous hips. In reality, many Kpop stars have narrow hips as a result of being excessively thin, but Dahyun is an exception since her body is slim yet has a charming curve.

Besides a tight skirt or a crop top, wearing a belt or tucking her shirt in pants is also a great way to help Dahyun show off her tiny waist.


Dahyun is an excellent example of how everyone can appear taller and more appealing thanks to good body proportion and a well-chosen outfit despite being not-so-tall.

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