“Bury me at home even if I die”… BTS Jin’s MBTI, even his personality is perfect

BTS Jin captivated fans with his perfect MBTI result.

On May 6th, BTS released “BTS MBTI Lab 1” on their official YouTube channel “BANGTANTV”.

“MBTI” is a test that indicates your psychological preferences and is a self report that shows you which out of 16 personality types you fit into. It is currently the most widely used psychological test in the world.

Jin, who appeared with a hairstyle reminiscent of the main character of a romance comic and a dazzling sculpture visual, was found to be an “INTP” known as a logical thinker and idea bank type in the test.


The INTP type, to which Jin belongs, is a rare type with only 3% of the total population. It is known to have a tendency to be “Introverted”, “Intuitive”, “Thinking”, “Perceiving” and to use excellent strategies based on high intellectual curiosity and critical perspectives.

In “BTS MBTI Lab 1”, not only the “MBTI” test but also a balance game was held to find out differences in tendencies.


When asked “If you have the weekend off / A. I was at work (indoors) on weekdays so I have to go out over the weekend & B. I was at work (out of the house) so I have to stay in”, Jin made everyone burst into laughter by answering, “Bury me at home even if I die.”

Jin showed a stable and smooth progression with his excellent sense of humor and flexible coping ability that always stand out in BTS‘ own contents such as “Run BTS”.


Jin also showed “INTP” in the MBTI test conducted during “Festa” in 2017, and he is the only member whose results have not changed as “INTP” came out in this re-examination after 4 years.

HYBE’s Chairman Bang Si-hyuk once said in an interview, “The eldest brother, Jin, has not changed his personality. He’s a very common-sense friend. He’s a good friend who keeps the members from going outside the baseline.”


Fans showed reactions such as “His personality is as great as his face”, “There’s a reason why many people became his fans after knowing his personality”, “Even drama characters are criticized for being unrealistic if they’re this perfect”…


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