The meeting of SNSD’s Yoona & Seo-hyun and ‘Soo-young’s boyfriend’ Jung Kyung-ho at Baeksang is receiving explosive reactions from netizens

A moment of actor Jung Kyung-ho and Girls’ Generation Yoona & Seo-hyun at the recent awards ceremony attracted keen attention from netizens.

Jung Kyung-ho, Yoona and Seo-hyun attended the 58th Baeksang Arts Awards, which was held on May 6th. At this year’s awards ceremony, Yoona was nominated for Best Actress for the movie “Miracle” while Seo-hyun was a nominee in the Best New Actress category for the movie “Love and Leashes”.


Jung Kyung-ho also got a nomination at the Baeksang Arts Awards for his first theatre debut with “Angels in America”. 


After the awards ceremony ended, Yoona and Seo-hyun were seen meeting Jung Kyung-ho. The three greeted joyfully while clapping their hands with each other. 


Seeing this scene, netizens commented, “He’s almost like their brother-in-law”, “They are closer than I thought”, “The three are so cute”, etc.


Meanwhile, Jung Kyung-ho has been publicly dating Soo-young, a member of Girls’ Generation, since 2012. 

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