This 78kg girl lost 30kg to become a top actress

It’s none other than actress Lee Young-ah.

Actress Lee Young-ah, who made her face known through the drama “Golden Bride” in 2007, worked enthusiastically in various projects such as “Bread, Love and Dream” and “Vampire Prosecutor”.

lee young ah

She made headlines in March 2020 after announcing that she was going to marry her 3-year-younger non-celebrity boyfriend. Lee Young-ah announced her birth later, had a difficult time before getting married a year after giving birth and was congratulated by many people.

lee young ah

Last year, Lee Young-ah said through her SNS, “Myeongdong Grand Cathedral. Family. Thank you” and released her wedding photo, drawing a lot of attention.

In the past, Lee Young-ah confessed in a variety show, “I weighed up to 78kg when I was young,” making headlines. She then said, “I started dieting in the third grade of middle school and weighed 39kg in the third grade of high school,” drawing surprise.

lee young ah

In addition, Lee Young-ah proudly released a picture of her middle school time when she weighed 78kg, drawing attention. She said, “I like how I look when I’m a little chubby. If I hadn’t become a celebrity, I would not go on a diet,” expressing her opinion.

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