Park Shin-hye ♥ Choi Tae-joon’s pink-colored wedding photo taken with their best friends drew attention

A wedding photo of Park Shin-hye and Choi Tae-joon taken with their best friends has been revealed.

On January 26th, a famous ceremony wear brand posted a photo on SNS and wrote, “Record the most beautiful moment with my precious friends who have been with me since childhood ♥ Park Shin-hye Choi Tae-joon ♥ Two lovely people, congratulations on your marriage”

park shin hye choi tae joon wedding photo

The photo showed Park Shin-hye and Choi Tae-joon together with their friends as bridesmaids. Park Shin-hye, who is currently pregnant, wore a pure white wedding dress and slightly covered her pregnant belly with a flower bouquet. Standing next to her husband and best friends, Park Shin-hye smiled brightly and looked much happier than ever. Meanwhile, Choi Tae-joon boasted a warm appearance, catching the eyes of netizens with his pink tuxedo. He posed with one hand hugging around Park Shin-hye’s waist leisurely. The two’s friends dressed in pink outfits, completing this beautiful picture with bright smiles and facial expressions.

Meanwhile, Park Shin-hye and Choi Tae-joon officially tied the knot after dating for 5 years. They held a private wedding at a church in Seoul on January 22nd. Announcing their marriage and the news of Park Shin-hye’s pregnancy in November last year, the two received many congratulations and blessings from the public. 


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