2NE1’s Dara discovers “Single’s Inferno” Song Ji A used fake luxury goods even before netizens?

Song Ji A boasted about her fake luxury items on television and was noticed by 2NE1’s Dara. 

Amid the controversy over “Single’s Inferno” Song Ji A using fake luxury items, netizens have noticed a special incident at a show where Song Ji A once participated in. Specifically, Song Ji A guested in an episode of the talk show Video Star aired on MBC in September 2021. 

The controversy over Song Ji A of “Single’s Inferno” using fake goods has not shown any signs of cooling down 

Song Ji A stunned the entire studio with a shelf full of fashion items from high-end brands such as Saint Laurent.  Notably, if the remaining hosts focused on the luxury of the outfits that Song Ji A brought, Dara kept her distance. Her expression shows that she was not impressed. Many viewers think that the female idol already realized the truth behind Song Ji A’s luxury clothes but did not want to embarrass her on TV.

The luxury wardrobe brought by Song Ji A Video Star
sandara freezia
While other hosts were stunned by Song Ji A’s wealth, Dara stood still. Netizens think that the female idol recognized those clothes are fake
sandara freezia
However, there are opinions that Dara is inherently a calm person, so her expression did not mean anything 

Most viewers believe that an artist who has been active for a long time and owns a lot of designer clothes like Dara could easily recognize that the items brought by Song Ji A were not authentic. However, there are also comments that Dara’s expressionless reaction was to balance the atmosphere of the show next to energetic hosts like Park Na Rae.

Dara owns many luxury clothes 

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