Song Ji-ah’s tearful apology for the fake products controversy, “I feel pathetic looking at myself in the past. Please stop criticizing my family”

Beauty content creator Song Ji-ah (FreeZia) directly apologized for deceiving the public and generating profits by wearing fake luxury items.

On January 25th, Song Ji-ah uploaded a video titled, “This is Song Ji-ah.”, on her Youtube channel “freeJia” and apologized directly to her subscribers and the public. 

Song Ji-ah said, “Hello, this is Song Ji-ah. First of all, I want to apologize for uploading this apology video belatedly. Causing concerns to so many people, I’m sorry”, adding, “Regarding the recent controversy over using fake products, I admit that it was true and acknowledge that everything was my fault”. She bowed her head and said, “As a Youtuber, I should have been more careful about everything I do, but I have damaged the value of many brands and disappointing people who trust me. I’m really sorry.” 

Song Ji-ah apology

Regarding the reason why she introduced fake luxury products as if they were real ones, Song Ji-ah confessed, “At first, I just bought them because they looked pretty. And after receiving huge love from so many people, I think I lost my mind. Gradually, I was too into it, so I really regret it now. I feel so pathetic thinking about myself in the past”. Song Ji-ah explained that as she saw people responding enthusiastically to her rich image, she gradually fell in love with doing so and wore more fake luxury goods.

She continued, “Since the recent controversy over fake products broke out, I have been reflecting on myself every day while reading all your advice and criticism. I’m aware of my shortcomings, regretting and still reflecting on myself. I’m sorry”, adding, “Because I have hurt my fans and family members who love me, I feel that I have to take deep responsibility for this problem. Everything is my fault, so I hope you will stop criticizing my family. I’m really sorry.”

Song Ji-ah apology

Lastly, she bowed her head several times and apologized, “I will spend time turning all my channels into private and reflecting on myself again and again. I will take responsibility for my fault until the end”. Song Ji-ah then set private all of the videos she has uploaded so far and only left the apology video on her channel.

Song Ji-ah recently appeared on Netflix’s original entertainment show “Single’s Inferno” and became globally famous thanks to her outstanding appearance and fashion. The number of her Youtube subscribers soared from 500,000 to 1.91 million, and her Instagram also reached 2.6 million followers after the show ended. However, controversies arose when it was revealed that many of the luxury products she wore on “Single’s Inferno” and introduced on her Youtube channel “freeJia” as well as SNS were fake.

Song Ji-ah apology

In particular, the problem became more serious as she reportedly created a “rich image” to generate profits and receive sponsorship from luxury cosmetics and fashion brands, such as Dior, YSL, etc., using the influence of that image. In addition, she even announced her plan to launch her own brand, sparking criticisms over her lack of copyright awareness.

In response to the issue, Song Ji-ah revealed an official apology on her Instagram on January 17th, saying, “I sincerely apologize to everyone who has been disappointed and hurt by me. Some parts of the controversy over fake products you pointed out were true. I’m really sorry about that”, adding, “Once again, I want to apologize for all situations caused by my infringement of designers’ creative works and ignorance of copyrights. As a person who dreams of launching my own brand, I will seriously acknowledge my fault and deeply reflect on the controversial parts.”

Song Ji-ah apology

After that, more suspicions related to her background information were also raised. People doubted whether the luxury Trimage Apartment she introduced was purchased by her company or sponsors. Song Ji-ah’s agency, Hyowon CNC, then said, “Hyowon CNC is a startup company which was first established by me and Kang Ye-won. We have never received any investments, including corporate M&A investment”. Regarding the Trimage Apartment, where Song Ji-ah lives, they also explained, “We didn’t pay 1 won for that”.

In the aftermath of the controversy, MBC’s entertainment program “Omniscient Interfering View”  decided to edit out Song Ji-ah’s entire screen time on their broadcast, starring her and Kang Ye-won, while JTBC’s “Knowing Bros” said they would edit some of Song Ji-ah’s scenes. However, many of the scenes in which Song Ji-ah appeared on “Knowing Bros” were still aired, raising questions. The show replied, saying they had no choice but to not edit the broadcast because she appeared with another guest, Lee Young-ji, that day.

Song Ji-ah apology

Song Ji-ah has deleted all videos related to the controversy over fake products her account “Freezia宋智雅” on “bili bili”, a Chinese version of Youtube 

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