Song Ji-ah’s “golden spoon” answer in the past resurfaced: “My parents spend a lot, there’s no way I can pay them all back”

Through a Q&A video posted on her YouTube channel FreeZia in July last year, Song Ji-ah replied to the question, “Are you a golden spoon?”. (Born with a golden spoon in your mouth means one is born into a privileged, rich family.)

In response, she answered that he has been asked such questions so many times. “Thankfully, I have been living a very comfortable life. My dad allowed me to do everything I wanted to do since I was young and have everything I wanted to have,” she said.

Song Ji-ah background

Song Ji-ah said, “I can never pay back everything I received from my mom and dad. It is because I have received so much from them. They spent a lot of money to let me learn dancing, so it would not be easy for me to pay back everything. That’s why I’m working hard. Anyway, I’m not rich, but my mom and dad let me do and have everything I wanted when I was young. I’m so thankful for that.”

Meanwhile, Song Ji-ah recently emerged as a rising star after appearing in Netflix’s original entertainment show “Single’s Inferno”, but got caught up in a controversy over using fake luxury products. In particular, she even received harsh criticism for wearing fake clothes not only in her SNS posts but also on “Single’s Inferno” and producing review content videos. 

Song Ji-ah background

In response, Song Ji-ah apologized on January 17th, saying, “There is a controversy related to some clothes I wore on SNS and Single’s Inferno. Some parts of the controversy over fake products that people pointed out were true. I’m really sorry about that. Once again, I want to apologize for all the situations caused by my infringement of designers’ creative works and ignorance of copyrights.”


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