Kei from Lovelyz got into trouble due to a spoiler controversy right after she announced her musical career

Lovelyz Kei recently announced her participation in the musical “Death Note”.   

In this regard, a controversy over casting spoilers has erupted and Internet users are criticizing her.

On Jan 18th, a post titled “This Idol Is Causing Trouble By Spoiling About What Happened In A Musical” was posted on the online community Instiz.

The author said, “In the past, Lovelyz Kei had posted a photo of her hair, makeup, and fashion along with apple emoticons on her Instagram. Many people have begun to guess whether she was participating in the “Death Note” musical,” they said.

“And today (18th), there suddenly was an article saying that she would join ‘Death Note’. For your information, this was before she announced that she had decided to join ‘Excalibur’,” they added.

Finally, they said, “The musical is very sensitive to spoilers and ‘Death Note’ is also a highly anticipated work, but many musical fans are in a frenzy due to her spoiler on Instagram.”

The author attached a capture of a photo posted by Kei on her Instagram. Kei poses in a costume reminiscent of a character in the play. As if conscious of the controversy, the post has been deleted.

Many netizens reacted coldly. Most criticized that it was rash of her to spoil her role in the musical where the cast was the most important. 

News 1 exclusively reported on Jan 18th, “According to multiple entertainment staff, Kei has been confirmed to appear in ‘Death Note’ in the first half of this year.”

Death Note” depicts a brain fight between a genius high school student Light and a famous detective L, who accidentally picks up a note that kills anyone when their name is written on it.

Based on the cartoon of the same name, the musical premiered in Korea in 2015. As it finally returned after five years, the musical is highly anticipated by the audience.

Kei recently signed a new contract with Farm Tree Island, an agency founded by Kim Joon-soo. She is expected to build her career as a musical actor in earnest. 


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