Ex-Lovelyz Kei to join the highly anticipated musical “Death Note,” showing her future plan

Kei, a former member of girl group Lovelyz, will continue to work hard in the highly anticipated musical “Death Note”.    

death note

According to multiple entertainment sources on Jan 18th, Kei was confirmed to appear in the musical “Death Note” in the first half of this year.

Death Note” was premiered in Korea in 2015 based on a manga of the same name, which depicts a brain fight between genius high school student Light and famous detective L, who accidentally picks up a note that can kill anyone if their name is written on it. Above all, “Death Note” is considered an anticipated work as it returns to its first performance in five years.


In particular, Kei departed from Lovelyz last year and is expected to continue her hard work in musicals this year after announcing her new start in partnership with Palm Tree Island, which was recently established by Kim Joon-soo. Kei has also started her full-fledged career as a musical actor, appearing in the musical “Excalibur” recently with her skill as a main vocalist in Lovelyz. People are looking forward to seeing what kind of performance she will showcase after joining the cast of the highly anticipated “Death Note.”

Meanwhile, “Death Note” will return to the audience from April 2022.


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