Members of Kpop girl group members that are considered the “aces”

BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Lisa, TWICE’s Nayeon, aespa’s Karina and more, are the ace members of Kpop female groups. 

Every K-pop group has a member that stands out the most. This member may not be the group’s visual center, but they often have prominent talent and charm. Many fans even think that without these “ace” members, many Kpop groups are no longer the same. Here are the most well-known aces of Kpop girl groups: LisaJennie (BLACKPINK), Nayeon (TWICE), Karina (aespa), Hwasa (MAMAMOO), Soyeon ((G) ILDE) and Yeji (ITZY).

BLACKPINK’s Lisa and Jennie

Although BLACKPINK does not have an official member who takes on the center position, Jennie is the member most people think of whenever BLACKPINK is mentioned. When it comes to popularity in Korea, Jennie tops the group, not only in music but also in fashion. Meanwhile, Lisa’s fame is tough to beat in the international market. In fashion, BLACKPINK’s maknae also represents many famous brands. 

Kpop girl group members that are considered the "aces"
Jennie is a fashion star among female idols  

From dancing, rapping to stage presence, Jennie and Lisa are neck and neck. Therefore, netizens are divided on who is the real “ace” of BLACKPINK. Both Jennie and Lisa have a great influence on the group. They succeed not only as members of BLACKPINK but also solo artists.

Kpop girl group members that are considered the "aces"
Lisa is like a living doll from Thailand 

Nayeon (TWICE)

In TWICE, the “ace” member is undoubtedly Nayeon. She always comes to fans’ minds first when referring to TWICE. Besides gaining spotlight in the lineup of TWICE during group schedules, Nayeon is also the most outstanding member in fashion. With pretty visuals, Nayeon always gives off positive energy every time she appears. Nayeon’s aura is said to suit TWICE’s refreshing and bright concept the most.

Kpop girl group members that are considered the "aces"
Nayeon always brings cheerful energy

Karina (aespa)

As the most prominent rookie girl group of Kpop lately, Karina is unarguably the “ace” of aepsa. Ever since the early days of aespa’s debut, Karina has occupied the spotlight every time the group appears. She is also the most pushed member by SM. Despite being a rookie, Karina constantly appeared at the top of visual rankings. Her chic aura also suits aespa’s futuristic concept the most.

Kpop girl group members that are considered the "aces"
Karina’s AI-like beauty 

Wonyoung (IVE)

Wonyoung is considered the new goddess of the 4th generation. At the age of 17, the female idol has an ideal physique and impressive ambassador deals. After debuting in IVE, she is known as the most radiant member of the group that promises to take IVE’s popularity to higher levels. It is easy to see that Starship is also making the most of Wonyoung’s popularity.

Since the first day of IVE’s debut, the company has reserved the center position for Wonyoung. Her outfit even has a different design which makes her clearly standing out from the other members. Starship is so biased towards Wonyoung that it makes some fans uncomfortable.

Kpop girl group members that are considered the "aces"
Wonyoung is the most prominent face in the group.


Hwasa is considered the “soul” of MAMAMOO. She really suits the sexy and mature style that the group pursues. Her beauty doesn’t fit Korean standard style but she exudes a very different charm. Therefore, Hwasa has always been a prominent girl among K-pop idols.

Besides the outstanding beauty, the youngest member of MAMAMOO also has amazing singing, dancing and rapping skills. It can be seen that Hwasa’s charm always shows both when she works individually and appears with the group. These factors have successfully helped Hwasa gain a large number of fans.

Kpop girl group members that are considered the "aces"
The charm is unique to Hwasa

Soyeon ((G)I-DLE)

Soyeon is considered a multi-talented member of (G)I-DLE. She is the leader, main rapper and also takes on the center position. The special thing is that in any field, the female idol also fulfills her task excellently and is acknowledged by the audience. In addition to her talent, Soyeon also attracts the audience by her European-American appearance. Therefore, it’s not an understatement to say that Soyeon is the “ace” of (G)I-DLE.

Kpop girl group members that are considered the "aces"
Soyeon is the representative of the group. 

Yeji (ITZY)

Yeji is also said to be an all-rounded idol when having good singing, dancing, and rapping skills. Whenever ITZY is mentioned, she is the first name that fans think of. Although she does not have a sweet beauty like other idols, Yeji always exudes a unique charm. Many netizens commented that the female idol has the face of a “cat girl”, which makes the leader of ITZY stand out even more.

Besides, Yeji’s performance on stage is always so captivating that the audience can’t take their eyes off. After nearly 3 years since the debut, the beauty from ITZY is becoming more and more perfect in both beauty and skills.

Kpop girl group members that are considered the "aces"
Yeji’s unique beauty. 

Each idol group will have its own “trump card”. Not only talents but that member also has the aura that best suits the style that the group pursues.


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