Solji hinted at EXID’s comeback, “EXID reunites? We’ll be back with good songs”

“EXID reunites? We will come back with good songs” – Singer Solji answered when asked about her plan to reunite with EXID members.

In a recent video interview celebrating the release of her first solo mini-album “First Letter”, Solji said, “All EXID members love the team so much”, adding, “At EXID’s last showcase, I said, ‘For the time being, we will go on our own way and will greet you again’. I’m still discussing with the members a lot (about group activities)”. She continued, “We haven’t talked about when to release an album, but we keep asking each other ‘when should we greet fans’ or ‘when should we release an album’”, adding, “When the time comes, EXID will say hello to fans with new songs”, raising expectations for EXID’s comeback as a whole group.

Solji released her first mini-album “First Letter” on February 25th. “First Letter” contains songs that go well with the mood at the end of winter. This album has a total of 6 tracks, which are “Fade Away” – the title song that shows Solji’s unique singing ability and her emotional voice,  “Breaking Up” – a ballad song about a painful breakup, “Pillow” and “Have a Good Day” – two soul songs that make Solji’s sense of rhythm stand out, etc.


The title track “Fade Away” is a ballad song that emphasizes Solji’s emotional voice tone and her unique way of interpreting the meaning of the lyrics. She expresses the sorrow and longing for someone during the end of wintertime in her own style. Solji, who becomes a narrator, stimulates the desperate sensibility by singing the message that she needs the warmth of the opponent in this cold season.

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