Blood test results indicate Kim Sae Ron will have her license revoked after DUI accident

Based on Kim Sae Ron’s blood test results, it was at the level of having her license revoked. 

According to the TV Chosun on May 31st, the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul was recently notified by the National Forensic Service that Kim Sae Ron’s blood test result indicated that her driving license would be revoked. The Gangnam Police Station is currently conducting an investigation based on this.

Kim Sae Ron caused an accident while driving under the influence of alcohol near Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam, Seoul around 8:00 am KST on May 18th. She crashed into a guard rail and a transformer box. Kim Sae Ron was caught by the police within 30 minutes of fleeing the scene. The fact that Kim Sae Ron was drunk driving was confirmed through alcohol detection at the scene, but she wanted to have her blood tested at the hospital. 

Kim Sae-ron

On May 19th, Kim Sae Ron’s agency, Gold Medalist, said, “Kim Sae Ron is deeply reflecting on her mistakes. In addition, she is working to restore the damage she caused to public facilities and many people who have suffered damage and inconvenience. She sincerely apologizes to everyone who is struggling, and she promised that she would do her best to recover the damage.”

Kim Sae Ron also personally apologized on the same night, “I caused an accident that damaged public property. At that time, I made a big mistake while drinking. I’m disappointed and ashamed of myself. I will deeply reflect on it so as to never repeat such an action.”

Kim Sae-ron

Following her drunk drinking scandal, Kim Sae Ron voluntarily dropped out of the upcoming SBS drama ‘Trolley’, as well as the Netflix original series ‘Bloodhounds’, which was currently in filming. “Kim Sae Ron has decided to withdraw from upcoming filming schedules and is currently in discussion with the production team,” the actress’s agency said.

According to the blood test taken by Kim Sae Ron after her car crash, the actress’s alcohol level would have the actress’s driver license canceled. As such, public criticism is expected to intensify for this once madly popular actress.

Kim Sae-ron

Source: Nate

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