21 dancers enter the public vote for the selection of the 8-member crew Mbitious to compete in “Street Man Fighter”… Who are the 4 candidates added by the masters?

With “Be Mbitious” coming to an end, 21 competitors to be evaluated by the public for the selection of Mbitious Crew, which will appear in Street Man Fighter, have been revealed. 

In Mnet’s program “Be Mbitious”, which aired on the 31st of last month, dancers who received “Respect” cards by passing the previous mission pointed out “No Respect” dancers for SMF choreography and freestyle battles. “Respect” dancers can not only point out the opponents they wanted to compete with and use their own choreography.

be mbitous

17 dancers were selected after the evaluation. When the public evaluation began, 20 seats were seen with 3 empty for additional dancers decided by the masters.

In particular, Brother Bin, a rocking dancer who has been called a danging prodigy for 14 years, Dan, a promising star who can do different genres, from breaking to modern dance, and Biggle, who successfully performed high-level tutting.

be mbitous

Finally, Trandee Rock, who competed in a neck and neck battle, climbed to the 21st position, adding more tension to the public voting round.

Among these 21 dancers, only 8 will be chosen to advance to “Street Man Fighter” by the public. As “Be Mbitious” is coming to an end, interest in the final members of Mbitious Crew to compete in “Street Man Fighter” is also growing.

be mbitious

Source: Wikitree

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