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Dancers who ignored idols vs. Male idols who flipped the stage upside down (“Be Mbitious”)

Noh Tae-hyun from HOTSHOT and JBJ turned the battle stage upside down on “Be Mbitious”.

On May 26th, a full-cam video of Mnet’s “Be Mbitious” impromptu mission was uploaded on YouTube channel “The Choom.” Dancer Jin pointed out Noh Tae-hyun‘s last name stands for “NO RESPECT” and called him out for a battle.

be Mbitious

In the video, Jin goes first. He drew attention by showing off his dance skills, groove, and finished his performance in about 40 seconds.

be Mbitious

It’s Noh Tae-hyun’s turn. Noh Tae-hyun smiled leisurely.

Noh Tae-hyun showed a strong expression and dance skill. Literally, he flipped the stage upside down. The dancers burst out in applause and enthusiastic response.

be Mbitious

Noh Tae-hyun’s Krumping skill was perfect in strength alteration. In addition, he showed off his talents despite being looked down on as an idol.

be Mbitious

It turned out that Noh Tae-hyun has been a member of Korea’s best Krump crew, Monster Woo Fam, since he was 16 years old. That’s where dancer Monika used to belong to.

It’s been about 6 years since Noh Tae Hyun was on this crew. He had even made a name for himself in the Krump scene with the name “Kid Monster”.

In a preliminary interview, Noh Tae-hyun drew attention by saying, “I haven’t seen that many people who dance so well just because they said they are dancers,” and “Wouldn’t it be fun if idols beat all the dancers?” His maddening expression was surprising to the masters.

Netizens were surprised by him, commenting, “The madness I felt in the interview is not there for no reason,” “The way he overwhelmed his opponent is different,” and “I felt good watching him dance. How did he do the shooting dance in the middle?”

Source: dispatch

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