Price tags of BLACKPINK’s outfits at Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday event 

Here’s what luxury brand ambassadors BLACKPINK wore at a recent event. 

On May 26th, BLACKPINK attended the birthday celebration of Queen Elizabeth II at the British Embassy in Seoul, Korea. BLACKPINK’s first full-group appearance at an in-person event in a long time drew much attention. Plenty of praise has also been given to the members’ outfits. With the main colors being black, white, and grey, BLACKPINK was elegantly dressed. 

BLACKPINK at Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday event 
BLACKPINK’s outfits earn praises 

Lisa stood out with a full-on set from CELINE. She wore a $1,380 white boyfriend shirt, $845 black wool pants, and a $530 Western belt, creating a simple but stylish and refined look. In terms of accessories, Lisa took it to another level by wearing a pair of BVLGARI earrings that cost a whopping $9,250 and $3,800 necklace. 

blackpink lisa
Lisa’s outfit may be simple but it is enough to leave an impression
blackpink lisa
Lisa was dressed in CELINE and BVLGARI 

Rosé is the only BLACKPINK member who didn’t put on anything white, making her stand out. While other members exude softer and more feminine vibes, Rosé, with her $2,990 tweed cropped jacket, $690 bodysuit, $990 high-waisted black pants, and $562 spearhead shoes from Saint Laurent, gives off modern and chic vibes. 

Rosé only had one accessory on but the price is mind-blowing. She wore a necklace from Tiffany & Co. that is priced at $62,000. 

blackpink rose
Rosé adorned a simple yet extremely expensive outfit. 
blackpink rosé
Netizens praised the idol for her regal and powerful vibe. 

As the global ambassador for Dior and Cartier, Jisoo boasted items from both of these luxury brands. The visual of BLACKPINK wore a full Dior outfit, including a short-sleeved white shirt that costs $1,300, a black sweater that costs $1,500, and a skirt listed at $2,200.

In addition, she adorned full Cartier accessories, including a necklace that costs $3,700, 2 rings that amounts up to $4,600. 

blackpink jisoo
The oldest member of BLACKPINK truly represented Dior and Cartier with her latest look. 
blackpink jisoo
Jisoo exuded classy and feminine vibes. 

Out of all BLACKPINK members, Jennie was dressed in the most minimal outfit, and her once orange hair was also dyed to a darker tone. The female idol wore a Chanel vest dress that cost $4,200, with the sleeves removed to highlight Jennie’s youthfulness. 

The addition of a black belt from Métieerr D’Art and classy heels made Jennie all the more chic and stylish. 

blackpink jennie
Jennie’s minimal yet extremely trendy attire. 
blackpink jennie
Wearing a light makeup tone, the female idol looked extremely youthful. 

BLACKPINK was invited to this exclusive event as Advocates for the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, a title they earned back in November 2011. At the event, Rosé represented BLACKPINK to deliver a congratulatory speech for the Queen’s Birthday, as well as celebrate the Platinum Jubilee, which marks the Queen’s 70 years of service. 

Rosé represented BLACKPINK to deliver a congratulatory speech at the event. 
BLACKPINK’s elegant and simple outfits. 

Netizens in general shower the group with praises for their spectacular visuals and powerful aura. In addition, fans of BLACKPINK couldn’t help but express their pride on various SNS platforms, seeing that the girl group never fail to impress the public in their appearances. 

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