The real reason why Ma Dong-seok had no choice but to have a public date with his girlfriend

The movie “The Roundup”, which contains Ma Dong-seok’s thrilling bare-handed action scenes, is just around the corner to surpass 5 million viewers.

The movie “The Roundup“, which was released on May 18th, is continuing to top the box office and writing a box office myth.

Along with the popularity of the work, interest in Ma Dong-seok, who played the role of a “monster detective” in the movie, is hot, and his love story is being re-examined.

Ma Dong-seok

Ma Dong-seok has been in a public relationship since November 2016 after overcoming the big age difference with Ye Jung-hwa, who is 17 years younger than him. Ye Jung-hwa showed her unwavering affection as she accompanied Ma Dong-seok at the World Premiere event of the movie “Eternals” last year.

The two, who appeared together proudly in public like this, unintentionally went on a public date in reality. The reason was because of Ma Dong-seok. Ma Dong-seok revealed that he has a unique body structure during a luncheon media day with the cast of the 2019 movie “The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil”.

At the time, Ma Dong-seok said, “I measured my body size to fit the tuxedo for the red carpet. My neck is 19 inches big and 1cm long. Like the body shape of insects.” In particular, he confessed his grievances, “People recognize me no matter how much I cover because of my striking body shape.”

Ma Dong-seok provoked laughter by saying, “When I go out to eat with my girlfriend while wearing a mask and a hat, people whisper, ‘Ma Dong-seok must have caught a cold.'” In fact, Ma Dong-seok has a sturdy physique that stands out even from 100m away. When he goes out or on a date, eyewitness accounts often appear online.

Netizens showed various reactions such as “It’s better to just go out comfortably”, “If it’s Ma Dong-seok’s physique, it can’t be helped”, “His unintentionally public date is funny”…

Source: Insight

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