Actress who played elementary student at the age of 21 reveals her daily life beauty

Actress Kim Yoon Hee, who immediately caught the attention of fans with a child-like beauty, showed off her youthfulness even in everyday life.

Kim Yoon hee

Kim Yoon Hee made her name known in 2021 by debuting in the web-drama “Mad for Each Other”. In 2021, she continued her activities by appearing in works such as “Pepero Was Taken Away on Pepero Day”, “A Short Friend”, and “Daughter-like Female Friend” (literal translation). 

In addition, the actress gained attention after starring in “I Lost My Sight While Trying To Save My Friend” – a web series published on the YouTube channel “CheezeFilm”. 

Kim-Yoon- Hee

At that time, Kim Yoon Hee, who was born in 2002 and turned 22 this year, played an elementary school student at the age 21. Her co-star, meanwhile, was only 14 years old. 

Nevertheless, Kim Yoon Hee was able to show off her skillful and convincing acting skills, leaving viewers in awe. 

Kim-Yoon- Hee

On the other hand, Kim Yoon Hee also draws attention for her everyday photos, where the actress’ cute face and petite body can be seen, maximizing her youthful charms. 

In a recently-released photo, she adorned a checkered shirt with bangs down, all while holding a tiny pink guitar, which doubled her cuteness. 

Kim-Yoon- Hee

Kim Yoon Hee is also communicating with fans in various other ways outside of acting, such as opening a TikTok account and the YouTube channel “S#Uni” (unisxx). 

Source: Insight 

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