Park Eun Bin, IU, Lee Jung Jae… “We’ll lead the entertainment industry this year”

Kim Hye Soo, PD Na Young Seok, Ma Dong Seok, director Park Chan Wook, girl group (G)I-DLE, PD Lee Jin Joo and writer Jeong Seo Gyeong were also included.

CJ ENM annually selects and awards people who presented a new vision for the cultural industry based on their own originality throughout the entertainment industry through “Visionary”.

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Park Eun Bin created a global syndrome by completing a character that confronts the prejudice of the world with “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. IU was praised for her appealing performance as an actress in the Cannes International Film Festival-winning film “Broker”. Lee Jung Jae was recognized for his directing skills by challenging to become a director with the movie “Hunt”.

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Kim Hye Soo boasted her colorful acting skills through dramas such as “Juvenile Justice” and “Under the Queen’s Umbrella”. PD Na Young Seok newly introduced “Earth Arcade”, which showed Generation Z’s sensibility and female cast members’ charms.

Ma Dong Seok proved his ability as a producer with “The Roundup”. Director Park Chan Wook of the movie “Decision to Leave” was evaluated that he is continuing his unrivaled world of work with creative imagination and unique mise-en-scène.

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(G)I-DLE’s members directly participate in songwriting to express their own personalities musically. PD Lee Jin Joo created the hit series “Transit Love” amidst the overflow of dating reality shows. Writer Jeong Seo Gyeong, who is recognized in the film industry, appeared in the list because she led the success of the drama “Little Women”.

Source: Daum

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