ILLIT Fans Suddenly Criticized SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan and Red Velvet’s Joy? 

SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan and Red Velvet’s Joy suddenly received criticisms from fans of ILLIT, perplexing netizens. 

At the end of March, rookie girl group ILLIT made their debut under the HYBE subsidiary Belift Lab. Dubbed as the “little sister of NewJeans”, the latest girl group of HYBE quickly caused a sensation with their debut EP, “Super Real Me”, and especially the title track “Magnetic”.

In addition, a choreography point of ILLIT’s “Magnetic” became one of the hottest dance challenges on social media, with various people and celebrities alike enthusiastically following the trend. 

However, as more idols tried out the “Magnetic” dance challenge, they started to be criticized by ILLIT fans. Two notable cases are SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan and Red Velvet’s Joy, who have been targeted on SNS platform X (formerly Twitter) for their “lackluster attitude” while doing the “Magnetic” trend. 

Particular, both Jeonghan and Joy were asked to do the “Magnetic” challenge by fans, leading to them doing the moves rather sluggishly and awkwardly. Jeonghan did not show many expressions as he went through the complicated hand gestures, while Joy had to slowly learn the trend. 

Jeonghan indulges fans by doing the “Magnetic” challenge upon request 
Meanwhile, Joy had to learn the dance moves while following along.

As Jeonghan and Joy both did not intentionally did the challenge, it’s natural that they would not be able to go all out. Therefore, the accusations of the two having a “lackluster attitude” are deemed unreasonably by most netizens. 

In fact, many believe that ILLIT fans are being overly sensitive and causing unnecessary controversies. According to these netizens, fans should be happy that the “Magnetic” challenge is trending, and be glad that other idols are doing it, as this helps to further promote the song. 

On the other hand, ILLIT recently faced criticism for revealing weak live singing skills, so it is said that fans should focus on this matter instead of attacking other idols. 

At the same time, many ILLIT fans expressed that the criticisms against Jeonghan and Joy are likely made by trolls rather than the ILLIT fanbase. The debate thus continues on various online platforms.

Source: K14

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