The Korean version of Netflix’s drama “Money Heist” scheduled to be released on June 24th

The new series “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area” will be premiered on June 24th on Netflix.

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area” Part 1 has a total of 6 episodes. Against the backdrop of the Korean Peninsula ahead of the reunification, this is an unprecedented heist crime drama that tells about the brilliant strategist and people with different personalities and abilities.  Masks are the genius robber band’s trademarks. The Korean robber band wore Hahoetal. This is one of the traditional masks that represent the beauty of Korea. 

Money Heist

The recently released poster showing a person wearing the Hahoetal under red lights drew attention. There are blood drops on one side of the mask, suggesting that their robbery would be tough.

Money Heist

“Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area” is a Korean remake of the Spanish TV series of the same name. In addition to Yoo Ji-tae, who plays Professor, many great actors, such as Kim Yun-jin (as Seon Woo-jin), Park Hae-soo (Berlin), Jeon Jong-seo (Tokyo), Lee Won-jong (Moscow), Park Myung-hoon (Cho Young-min), Kim Sung-oh (Cha Moo-hyuk), Kim Ji-hoon (Denver), Jang Yoon-ju (Nairobi), Lee Joo-bin (Yoon Mi-seon), Lee Hyun-woo (Rio), Kim Ji-hun (Helsinki), and Lee Kyu-ho (Oslo), have also been cast.

Money Heist

The viewers are looking forward to seeing the cast members’ chemistry and the unpredictable stories they will unfold. 


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