MC Mong showed his support for B.I, “Never run away… You will go further, genius”

MC Mong left a cheering message for rapper B.I.

On January 21st, MC Mong posted screenshots of an old broadcast of KBS2’s “Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook” on his Instagram and wrote, “The child discovered from the begining”.

The released photos showed B.I’s appearance when he was in middle school, featuring in MC Mong’s song “Indian Boy” as a kid rapper. Those screenshotted scenes were from an old broadcast of “Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook” in 2009 when B.I appeared together with MC Mong.

MC Mong said, “He was a very gentle kid back then. He even made a happy birthday song for me. This friend produced a song for me. 15 years later, I received a song produced by him again”. This is because the song “Don’t Wake Me Up” in MC Mong’s 3rd project “Dream”, a part of the collaboration called “X by X”, released on the same day, was produced by none other than B.I.

mc mong bi

MC Mong continued to express how he was touched by B.I’s growth, saying, “Becoming stronger and more flexible, but you have always admitted mistakes in such a humble way and lived your life more truthfully than anyone else. You have really become a genius… If I told him to do one thing, this kid would make ten. As expected, my eyes didn’t get him wrong… You were hurt as much as the pain you felt, as much as the criticism you received, and as much as the huge love you received from fans. But you have worked and tried to live harder than that…”

He added, “Thank you. And it was so fresh. I was really nervous at first but I have achieved everything. I even got a song from you ^^ I hope you will also achieve everything like me. Because you have fans who always love you. Don’t ever run away… Go further, genius”, giving his support for B.I.

Meanwhile, MC Mong released the 3rd project “Dream”, a part of the collaboration project “X by X”, featuring singer Soyou and poet Lee Byun-ryul.


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