WINNER Kim Jin-woo’s younger sister: “I knew about his discharge through an article”

WINNER Kim Jin-woo smiled embarrassingly as he saw his younger sister who said she had known about his discharge after reading an article.

Kim Jin-woo appeared with his younger sister on MBC’s “Family Mate“, which aired on Jan 18th.

On that day, Kim Jin-woo revealed that he became awkward with his younger sister, who grew up in Mokpo, while coming to Seoul to fulfill his dream of becoming a singer.

Kim Jin-woo confessed, “We’re siblings, but I’m a little reluctant to appear on TV because I’m afraid they’re asking if I’m not that close to her.”

Silence lingered between the two of them, who were moving by car just as Kim Jin-woo was worried.

When the younger sister said, “I knew about my brother’s discharge through an article”, Kim Jin-woo smiled embarrassingly and shared, “I tried to contact her as soon as possible, but I couldn’t.”

Kim Jin-woo and his younger sister also recorded the lowest score ever in the “Family Mate Examination” where participants learn about each other.

The younger sister drew laughter as she did not know Kim Jin-woo‘s birthday.

Even when asked for each other’s contact information, the two could not answer. They surprised everyone by saying that they did not have any pictures of each other on their phones.

Regarding her relationship with her brother, the younger sister confessed, “We don’t know each other at all.”


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