After the “fake products” controversy, Song Ji-ah appeared on “Knowing Bros” without being edited out

Song Ji-ah, who was recently involved in a controversy over using fake products, appeared on the latest episode of “Knowing Bros”.

In JTBC’s “Knowing Bros” broadcast aired on January 22nd, Kang Ye-won, Lee Young-ji, and Song Ji-ah showed up as new transfer students. Earlier, Youtuber Song Ji-ah was embroiled in a controversy over using fake items. Therefore, she attracted attention when appearing on “Knowing Bros” broadcast without being edited out.


On this day, Kang Ye-won said, “How have you been? Your energy has improved a lot”. She then talked about the play “Husband Inside” she created together with “Knowing Bros” members during the show’s early days, drawing laughter.

Song Ji-ah then introduced herself, saying, “I’m Song Ji-ah from the hottest hell in the world”. Lee Young-ji said, “I’m Lee Young-ji whom you can meet on the street”, adding, “Hodong is so energetic”, making everyone laugh. Kang Ho-dong said, “Yewon contributed a lot to the show, but you have lost too much weight compared to your appearance back then”. Kang Ye-won replied, “I recently lost some weight for the role in my drama. In the past, you guys looked really tired, but everyone looks so great now.”


Kim Young-chul turned to Lee Young-ji and said, “Young-ji went on a diet this time”. Lee Young-ji said, “People used to like me when I looked like a younger sister next door. I felt betrayed by weight loss, so I ate 4 bags of carbonara yesterday and gained back my weight”, drawing a big laugh.

Kang Ho-dong then called “Freezia” and made everyone burst onto laughter as he pretended to know Song Ji-ah. Seo Jang-hoon said, “I know Jia”, then mentioned the program “Crazy Recipe Adventure” in which he appeared together with Song Ji-ah in the past. Upon hearing that, Song Ji-ah said, “That’s why I greeted you earlier”.


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