Popular MC suddenly stopped her “Immortal Songs” performance when thinking of her abusing ex-husband

Broadcaster Seo Jung-hee ran out while singing on the stage of “Immortal Songs.”

KBS2’s “Immortal Songs,” which aired on January 22nd, broadcast a special episode called “Today’s Singer.” On this day, Seo Jung-hee selected singer Lee Sun-hee‘s hit song “Fate” and took the stage. Seo Jung-hee, who was calmly singing, suddenly turned her head in the chorus and finally went down the stage. It is said that she could not control her tears as she walked out so quickly the production team couldn’t stop her.

seo jung hee

There were various incidents happening in the entertainment industry before, but it was the first time that the stage was suspended due to the singer’s tears. MCs Lee Chan-won and Kim Joon-hyun of “Immortal Songs” were also surprised by what happened.

Only after MC Shin Dong-yeop stepped up and fixed the situation, Seo Jung-hee took the stage again. Shin Dong-yeop said, “We can’t see her face now, but I think she had a hard time controlling her emotions to the point where she couldn’t sing because she cried too much. Many things must have passed by like a flash in her head.”

seo jung hee

The “Immortal Songs” also released subtitles such as “Marriage of a 20-year-old, Too Early to Know the World,” “33 Years Spent as a Wife and a Mother,” and “A Divorce That Left Only Pain” along with a scene containing Seo Jung-hee’s past.

seo jung hee

Seo Jung-hee, who went on stage with applause again, looked as if she was holding back tears again after the song was completed. She said, “I like ‘Immortal Songs’. Sometimes I cried while watching it as if I was in the audience. I saw the faces of the audience on stage, and I felt comforted by seeing my similar peers,” explaining the reason for her tears.

seo jung hee

Seo Jung-hee married comedian Seo Se-won,  who is six years older, for 30 years, since her young age of 18. Then in 2015, Seo Se-won was sentenced to six months in prison and two years probation for assaulting Seo Jung-hee, and the two divorced by agreement in the same year.

In 2020, Seo Jung-hee‘s daughter Seo Dong-joo revealed the terrible domestic violence she suffered from her father Seo Se-won through an essay she wrote. She claimed that Seo Se-won had committed domestic violence since her childhood, attempted fraudulent loans in his daughter’s name, attempted to blame his wife by hurting himself after assaulting her, and threatened to kill his daughter.

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