The outstanding airport fashion of top Korean actresses, Song Hye Kyo surpassed by Jun Ji Hyun? 

Despite opting for more comfortable airport fashions, these top beauties of Korea still make deep impressions. 

Song Hye Kyo, Son Ye Jin, Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Tae Hee are nicknamed the “top beauties” of Korea, and this title hasn’t changed despite all actresses entering their 40s. With their captivating visuals and stunning physique, these beauties also nail their fashion styles. 

And this is not limited to just fashion runways, as Song Hye Kyo, Son Ye Jin, Jeon Ji Hyun, and Kim Tae Hee also rocked their simple yet stylish airport fashion. 

Song Hye Kyo 

At the airport, Song Hye Kyo opts for surprisingly casual items, with neutral colors like beige, black and white, as well as simple designs. 

In fact, the actress would often depart in a basic blouse and shorts; T-shirt and loose pants, or topped with a long trench coat. Very rarely, Song Hye Kyo would appear with patterned or brightly-colored dresses. Still, the actress doesn’t need outrageous fashion to stand out amid the crowd. 

Son Ye Jin

Also sharing the same “simple is best” mindset, Son Ye Jin never takes on too much at the airport. The actress is often seen wearing a white item and other neutral tones, in addition to a comfy pair of sneakers. 

Now married to Hyun Bin, Son Ye Jin knows how to look classy yet youthful with fitted clothes like jeans, shorts, and form-fitting blouses. She would always tuck her shirts in to show off her slim physique. 

Jun Ji Hyun 

Compared to Son Ye Jin and Song Hye Kyo, Jun Ji Hyun’s style is more colorful. The top actress is often dressed in blouse and trousers, or patterned tea and shorts. She’d also add heals, bold patterns, or opt for ripped jeans to create a bolder image. 

With her height of 5’6 and a perfect physique, Jun Ji Hyun easily turns the airport into her own fashion runway. In addition, the actress’s go-to items include essentially timeless ones like denims, sandals, or white blouses. 

Kim Tae Hee

While Kim Tae Hee is also fond of neutral colors, there are certain differences between her style and that of the remaining actresses. The wife of Bi Rain prefers layered and feminine clothes, which adds a sophisticated touch to her airport looks. In addition, she always carries different handbags and shoes. 

Kim Tae Hee often gets simple hairstyles and light makeup for her airport appearances. Despite that, her visuals are enough to captivate the crowd. 

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