Son Seok-gu surprises netizens with his amazing English skill that is comparable to native speaker’s

Actor Son Seok-gu, who plays Mr. Goo in “My Liberation Notes”, drew attention with his incredible English skills.

Son Seok-gu, who has visited the Philippines for a drama filming schedule, recently posted a commemorative photo taken in Manila on his Instagram.

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He posted a video of a band performance in the Philippines together with the commemorative photo and wrote a caption in English. He said, “Thanks for the wonderful memory in Manila @gujilorenzana, especially for introducing me to the world of #TheSunDown @thesundownph Instantly fell in love with their vibe, so cinematic! No doubt you and your band will go worldwide and I get to see them play in Korea brother!”


In fact, Son Seok-gu used to study abroad. He studied visual arts and film at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and was later trained to become a basketball player in Canada. Son Seok-gu also boasts a unique military service history as he is also known to volunteer to serve in Iraq Zaytun unit after participating in a fierce competition.


Son Seok-gu also became a hot topic after he was revealed to be the CEO of a manufacturing company in Daejeon and got named “eomchina” among the “eomchinas”. (“eomchina” is a short word for “the son of one’s mother’s friend”, referring to a man who is envied by many people because he is talented or wealthy).

My Liberation Notes

Meanwhile, Son Seok-gu is stealing female fans’ hearts with his appearance as Mr. Goo in the drama “My Liberation Notes” and starring in the box office hit “The Roundup” (directed by Lee Sang-yong) at the same time, raising his reputation on both the big screens and home theaters.


Source: daum

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