Crush and D.O met and became friends after attending Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon’s wedding (No Math School Trip)

In a recent TV program, Crush and D.O talked about their friendship that started at Choi Tae Joon and Park Shin Hye’s wedding.

SBS’s entertainment program “No Math School Trip” aired its first episode on March 9th.

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Crush and Zico were the first members to arrive at their first meeting. Here, Zico recalled, “I met Crush through an online community when I was in middle school, and we became friends when we were 20 years old”. In response, Crush said, “Now, he is a very precious friend to me, a friend I can rely on.”

As the two were discussing the shooting location in Sapporo, EXO member D.O (real name Do Kyung Soo) arrived. Zico shared, “Kyung Soo knew a lot of people that are my acquaintances. We often ran into each other on the way to work.”

Meanwhile, D.O also revealed, “I have communicated well with Ji Ho (Zico) from the first time we met. We have similar personalities and now we contact each other comfortably when we have nothing to do.”

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At that moment, Zico mentioned the relationship between D.O and Crush, saying “These two friends are close, but they cannot swear at each other.” In particular, D.O recalled, “I met Crush when we sang congratulatory songs at Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon’s wedding”, while Crush added, “We are gradually becoming closer, but we haven’t talked much yet.”

Meanwhile, Choi Jung-hoon, who everyone was waiting for, finally arrived. The four of them started with a group introduction and made comments such as, “You look much more handsome in person”. Crush was nervous since this was a public broadcast, so he politely greeted Choi Jung Hoon with a 90-degree bow, drawing laughter. Choi Jung Hoon said, “I may be shy at first, but please feel free to approach me.”

Then, the four of them expressed their curiosity about traveling together to Japan. They asked, “Do we have to sleep together when going to Japan?”, as they didn’t know anything about the trip yet. The production team suddenly handed them an envelope and announced that Lee Yong Jin and Yang Se Chan were waiting in the next room without knowing anything. Finally, all 6 members gathered and greeted each other for the first time.

A few days later, they gathered in Hokkaido. The production team introduced them to a local restaurant that no Korean tourists had ever visited before, and they began their first trip in a car together.

Source: Naver

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