“All The Butlers”x“Street Woman Fighter” special: “Noona kills me”, a sexual harassment subtitle controversy?

SBS “All The Butlers” has been embroiled in a controversy over the sexual harassment subtitle against “Street Woman Fighter” dancers.  

The controversial scene was a part of the “All The Butlers” 194th episode – Street Woman Fighter special aired on Nov 7th. When Gabi danced after showing her cool pose, the caption “Noona kills me” appeared as the male cast cheered. 

Netizens are protesting against this, saying, “Isn’t that phrase famous as a sexual harassment remarks against women on male forums?”. The netizens who pointed that out also said, “They couldn’t have written without knowing the meaning of the caption,” interpreting it as intended sexual harassment. 

All The Butlers

Some point out that even if the subtitle manager used it without knowing the meaning, the expression was excessive. Many agreed that “It’s not very family-friendly to be used on a TV show?” and “I was embarrassed to see it with my parents.” 

In addition, there are voices of criticism that the production team is responsible for using such expressions that may be misunderstood, contrary to its intention. In other words, at least terrestrial broadcasters should maintain their own censorship system, keeping in mind that children, not adults, can also see it as well.  Lee (49), an office worker who is a big fan of “Street Woman Fighter” commented, “As a woman, what I love about the SWF dancers is their confidence, unyielding attitude and the pride in their own work,” adding, “I don’t just like them because they are hot or pretty, but the broadcaster made the broadcast without caring or understanding the dancers’ true passion.”

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