“Not Lee Si Young”, a famous female star revealed thigh muscles like a soccer player

A famous Korean actress showed off her thighs that bulked up through exercising and her strong muscular body

With the recent craze for bodybuilding, a slim body and a strong muscular body are the object of envy of everyone.

Lee Si-young

Previously, actress Lee Si Young showed off her CGI-like muscular body, capturing the hearts of many female fans. In addition, numerous stars such as singers Son Dam Bi, Kang Ji Young, Jang Won Young, and actress Han Hyo Joo also flaunted their stomach abs and invoked the desire for exercise.

Kim Hye Seon

Among them, a famous star has boasted thigh muscles that’s at a “national treasure level” and immediately became the center of attention.

In particular, on October 15th, comedian Kim Hye Sun posted several photos on her Instagram. 

The photos took focus on Kim Hye Sun’s body profile, and one shows her posing naturally in high heels and a black bodysuit that exposed all of her legs.

At the time, her overwhelming thigh muscles caught everyone’s attention and brought a huge surprise.

Kim Hye Seon

Kim Hye Sun’s thighs, which were strengthened through exercise, were full of muscles and resembled that of soccer players, showing off her extraordinary health.

Unlike her strong lower body, Kim Hye Sun showed off her slender shoulder line and forearm, exuding a reversal charm.

Kim Hye Seon

Fans who saw Kim Hye Sun’s unconventional body showed admiration and wrote comments like, “You’re so cool”, “Your leg line is crazy”, and “This is a staple of a solid lower body.”

Meanwhile, Kim Hye Sun made her debut as a comedian through the 26th KBS open recruitment in 2011. In KBS2’s “Gag Concert”, she played an active part with the concept of a healthy image and drew laughter.

Kim Hye Seon

Then, in 2018, she married Stefan Siegel, a German, and started a family. Since then, the comedian has been working as a jumping instructor as well as broadcaster.

In particular, Kim Hye Sun appeared on a TV show and confided the fact that she has 18 jumping exercise centers across the country, drawing attention.

Recently, she is appearing on the SBS program “Shooting Stars”, at the same time running a YouTube channel and actively communicates with fans.

Source: insight

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