Han Hyo Joo shows off a healthy beauty and a reversal charm in Thailand

Actress Han Hyo Joo radiates a reversal charm in Thailand with both sexiness and innocence. 

On the morning of October 14th, Han Hyo Joo posted several photos of herself on her Instagram with the caption, “in 🇹🇭“. Previously, the actress revealed that she left for Thailand to film the Netflix movie “Believer 2”.

Han Hyo-joo

In the photos, Han Hyo Joo can be seen enjoying her time in Thailand, dressed in a comfy T-shirt and giving off a pleasant charm. Other photos show the actress enjoying a relaxing moment as she drank cocktails and beers. 

On the other hand, Han Hyo Joo, who is known for her innocent appearance, drew attention by giving a peek of her never-before-seen sexiness. The actress showed off her healthy body in a bold bra top and biker shorts, as well as in a copper one-piece swimsuit in another picture. 

Han Hyo-joo

It is reported that Han Hyo Joo will play a big role in “Believer 2”.

Source: nate

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