“It’s been a long time, Lee Bona”…Surprising two-shot released by Kim Woo-bin

The main characters in ‘The Heirs’ reunited in reality.

On the 16th, Kim Woo-bin posted a picture taken with Krystal on his Instagram, saying, “It’s been a while, hey, hey?”

Kim Woo-bin Krystal

In the photo, Kim Woo-bin and Krystal are attending a fashion brand’s SS collection runway show held in San Marino, California, USA. Kim Woo-bin and Krystal wer showing off their luxurious charm in a striped suit and a black long dress, respectively.

It is reminiscent of the second generation of chaebols in the SBS drama ‘The Heirs’, in which they worked together in the past. Kim Woo-bin, who was playing the role of Choi Young-do at the time, called Krystal, whom he reunited after a long time, as Lee Bona, expressing his delight and attracting attention.

the heirs

Netizens who saw this also commented, “Both are kings of luxury goods”, “I want to see The Heirs again”, “Please do another drama together”, “Can’t we do ‘The Heirs 2’?”, etc.

Source: dispatch

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