YouTuber Kim Yong-Ho Faces Arrest Warrant For Extorting Money From Celebrities

The police applied for an arrest warrant for YouTube Kim Yong-ho on charges of blackmailing

According to legal circles on September 26th, the Violent Crime Investigation Division of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency applied to the prosecution for an arrest warrant for Kim Yong-ho on charges of threatening and extorting money from celebrities.

YouTuber Kim Yong-ho

Kim Yong-ho was accused of threatening several celebrities to disclose negative information about them on his YouTube channel “Kim Yong-ho’s Entertainment Director” and receiving money in exchange for covering up the issues starting from August 2020.

According to the investigation, Kim Yong-ho received hundreds of millions of won from the victims.

In October last year, the police raided Kim Yong-ho’s residence and office to secure data related to the incidents. Later, he was summoned twice, in June and July, for questioning.

Kim Yong-ho is a former sports world reporter. He appeared on the YouTube channel “Garosero Research Insitute” and ran his own YouTube channel “Kim Yong-ho’s Entertainment Director”.

Source: Nate

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