Girls’ Generation Yuri posted hilarious update after varicose surgery 

Singer and actress Kwon Yuri shared a funny and positive update of her condition after undergoing surgery for a varicose.

On March 20th, Yuri posted a photo of herself showing a determined look, along with the caption, “Let’s fight against varicose. Let’s win. Ya ya ya.” She also wrote, “A determined gaze that won’t be broken. My legs are itchy. Varicose surgery is too scary.”


Yuri mentioned that it was her third recurrence of varicose, and asked her fans to cheer her on saying, “Let’s fight and win. Please wish me luck so that the veins in my legs can circulate well. I’m not scared at all. I’m not lonely because I’m with my mom.”


Later, Yuri announced that the surgery was successful and that she was able to resume her daily activities, including drinking. “Let’s meet soon. Please refer to the visiting hours”, the female idol said, announcing that she has successfully completed the operation and expressing her joy by saying, “I can walk, dance, and laugh right after the surgery.”

In the photo that Yuri shared, she was seen wearing headphones and dancing while celebrating her successful surgery at the hospital.

Source: wikitree

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