Park Yeon Jin’s whiskey bottle in “The Glory” appears in an important scene in “Goblin”?

As the popularity of Netflix’s “The Glory” continues, viewers are still eagerly looking for hidden details in the drama.

Famous beauty Youtuber Holys (Lee Joo Young) drew attention as she recently discovered a connection between “The Glory” and tvN’s 2017 drama “Goblin”.


She recently posted a short video of a scene from episode 12 of “Goblin” on her Instagram and commented, “Wait, isn’t the wine bottle that Deok Hwa drinks in ‘Goblin’ the same as the thing that is used to kill Son Myung Oh in ‘The Glory’?”. She added, “I really admire writer Kim Eun Sook”, expressing her excitement.

the glory

In “The Glory” Part 2, there is a scene where Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon) used a whiskey bottle on the table as a weapon to hit Son Myung Oh (Kim Gun Woo) on his head, which is an important part that leads the story to the end. The whiskey in this scene was shown with a ‘62GUN’ label on the “Royal Salute 38 Year Stone of Destiny” bottle.

Similarly, the whiskey that came out in episode 12 of “Goblin” was also a Royal Salute product. Here, the “Royal Salute 38 Year Stone of Destiny” bottle was shown on the screen. It was an important moment to prove that Yoo Duk Hwa (Yook Sung Hae) has been possessed by God.


In response to such an unexpected connection between “The Glory” and “Goblin”, a netizen said, “It’s a punishment sent by God”, drawing sympathy from many viewers. Others commented, “I just realized it now!!”, “Now, whenever I see that whiskey bottle, I keep having a grip feeling…”, etc.

“The Glory” and “Goblin” are both works by writer Kim Eun Sook. Breaking the viewership peak of 20% set by “Horse Doctor”, “Goblin” became the first drama in the history of cable TV broadcasts to establish a new record after 22 years. 


Challenging the new “fantasy rom-com” genre, writer Kim Eun Sook created this work by combining a mysterious yet comical story with the amazing acting performances of actors, such as Gong Yoo, Kim Go Eun, Lee Dong Wook, etc. “Goblin” is considered a life-changing drama that leaves pleasant impressions on many people.

Source: Wikitree

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