Kwon Yuri Overcomes Varicose Vein Surgery and Celebrates with Excitement 

Girls’ Generation’s Kwon Yuri has shared her journey of triumphantly overcoming varicose vein surgery with a lighthearted touch.

On March 20, Kwon Yuri posted on her Instagram, “Let’s fight and win against varicose veins. Ya ya ya,” along with a determined look and a confession that her varicose veins had recurred for the third time. 

yuri kwon

She continued, “My spirit is unbreakable. But my legs are itchy. I’m so scared of thoracic surgery.

Kwon Yuri told the fans to cheer her up in this fight and wished for good blood circulation in her legs, saying that she was not scared at all as she was not alone and her mother was with her.

yuri kwon
yuri kwon

After successfully completing the surgery, Kwon Yuri shared her excitement in a post that read, “Varicose veins, you’re a thing of the past. My legs won’t hurt as much now. Let’s dance and sing and have a fan meeting and act! The surgery was a success, and I am grateful.” She also added that she was able to walk and dance and laugh right after the surgery.

Accompanying her words was a series of photos that captured Kwon Yuri’s determination to overcome her condition and her joyful celebration after the surgery.

Source: Nate

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