BTS turns “alien” in the MV collab with Coldplay ‘My Universe’

The combined MV of BTS and Coldplay makes viewers satisfied with the amazing footage.

On September 30, the MV for the song My Universe, a collaboration between two famous boy bands Coldplay and BTS was officially released, making fans extremely excited. My Universe is a song written and produced by Coldplay and 3 BTS members RM, Suga and j-hope. The song is about unlimited love and the lyrics convey meaningful messages.

bts coldplay

The MV is inspired by science fiction combined with hologram technology, directed by Dave Meyers. The graphics and concept are done with finesse, giving fans a satisfying experience like they are watching footage of Hollywood films.

bts coldplay

My Universe is set in a galaxy with 3 separate planets. In the MV, it seems that music has no boundaries, love has no barriers, people connect with each other by their passion for music, and sing together to bridge the gap.

bts coldplay

The MV conveys the message “We are all one in the Universe”, implying that music is what connects the planets together.

bts coldplay

Not only bringing images like sci-fi footage, BTS’s image this time is so “slay” that makes fans crazy. Although there was no chance to film the MV with Coldplay, it can be seen that the 7 boys have transformed themselves extremely well in My Universe, bringing viewers satisfaction from the music to the visuals.

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