Tiktoker Kwang Ri, “I was insulted by a girl group member during middle school. Please explain”

Famous influencer-Tiktoker confessed about being bullied by girl group TripleS member Kim Chae Yeon in middle school.

On January 18th, Tiktoker Kwang Ri (Lee Ri Kwon) posted on Instagram, saying “Hello. I’m Tiktoker Kwang Ri”.

He confessed, “I studied in the same class with TripleS Kim Chae Yeon in my third year of middle school”, adding, “I was bullied by Kim Chae Yeon’s gang”.

Triple S Kim Chae-yeon

The Tiktoker continued, “I took a picture with Kim Chae Yeon on our graduation day and set it as my Kakaotalk profile photo”, adding “After then, I received a Kakaotalk message from Kim Chae Yeon’s bully gang”.

According to Kwang Ri, Kim Chae Yeon said she felt disgusted by the fact that he used the photo with her face as his Kakaotalk profile and even threatened him. As a result, the Tiktoker was deeply hurt by the harsh words of Kim Chae Yeon and he felt uncomfortable watching broadcasts featuring Kim Chae Yeon.

Triple S Kim Chae-yeon

Lastly, Kwang Ri said, “Kim Chae Yeon might not be the person who sent the messages”, adding “I sent an e-mail to Kim Chae Won’s agency but there is no answer. I really want to check the fact”, asking for an explanation.

Wikitree contacted TripleS’s agency MODHAUS. Regarding the allegation, an official said, “We cannot give you an answer because the person in charge is not available at the moment. We will check it later”.

Triple S

Born in 2004, Kim Chae Yeon made her debut in 2008 with a minor role in the movie “Scandal Makers”. Later, she became a member of the girl group Busters and also worked as an MC for EBS’s live broadcast “Talk! Talk! Boni Hani”.

Meanwhile, girl group TripleS will debut next month. Apart from Kim Chae Yeon, other members of the groups are “MBC’s “My Teenage Girls” Lee Ji Woo & Kim Yu Yeon, BIBI’s younger sister Kim Na Kyung and Japanese magazine model Kaeda, etc.

Source: wikitree

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